Sending much love to all the animals in our world, and to all the people with compassionate hearts standing up for them.

Throughout my outdoor adventures this year, I’ve had the privilege capturing encounters of some interesting moments with the wild animals of the world.

This is a photograph of a seagull who caught my attention and left me smiling for quite some time.


My feathery friend did not hesitate posing for me.  He talked away as I took pictures of him.  I’m pretty sure he was communicating that he wanted a snack. It was such a beautiful moment spending time together in his nature.

I’ve felt my spirit has been awakened since starting a new lifestyle this year.  I feel a deeper connection with God and His wonderful creations.  img_1216

This picture above the clouds was taken on the way up to Mt. Baldy.  Waking up before sunrise to see this beautiful scene is fulfilling and worthwhile.  Its not just being there for the accomplishment of a great workout, but the gratitude I felt while I was there.  img_1158

No wild animal encounters this time, just our best friend who loves to hike with us. However, some people may have thought for a moment a wolf was approaching.

We were at one of our regular beach spots this year and as we were trailing back to camp I found another little creature.  I was amazed he stood completely still for me.


Maybe he thought he was camouflaged in the sand and I couldn’t see him although I had the camera up close to him with the lens pointing right at him.


Thank you for giving me some time little lizard.

I plan on sharing another post regarding our recent Sedona adventure.  We visited the magical mountain-scape in late September.  As I was trailing up a beautiful hill, I discovered what looks like a miniature dinosaur.

dinosaur-1-of-1 Who are you little creature? Maybe your family roots are from millions of years ago? dinosaur3-1-of-1dinosaur2-1-of-1Let me do some research because I do believe I saw a miniature dinosaur. 🙂

This last encounter inspired me to share what I’ve felt ever since I started realizing  that animals sense love, fear, terror, and sadness.  The kind of feelings we do, except without speaking into words.

kissingdeer-1-of-1 Here is momma deer expressing love to her baby with kisses.  Again I wondered why didn’t  they run away? I suppose they are accustomed to seeing people.  I feel these moments are special signs from God confirming I should continue to care about his creations.


My message to the world is to please take time to really think of our planet and not take animals for granted.  My motive is not to convince anyone to change their lifestyle, simply to inspire and help people become aware that their lives matter.  We should consider animals and their lives.  If you do eat animals, have mercy on them by keeping them off your plate more often, say grace, be thankful for them, they gave up their life so you can have a meal.

“For you are a people holy to the LORD your God. The LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. Deuteronomy 7:6 esv

I hope I brought a little bit of light to you or touched your heart in some way.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.