August 12, 2014 We’d like to share more about our business and our happy customers to help new visitors feel safe and secure in placing an order. We’ve been a seller in the fashion app world called Poshmark since January 6, 2013, our first sale was on January 11, 2013. Since then we’ve had 143 listings sold. Posh recently started the rating feature where it allows buyers to rate their seller after receiving their orders. Thankfully we’ve reached a perfect high score averaging a * * * * * 5 star rating* * * * *. The following are just a few of the nicest comments we’ve received form customers:

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A Poshmark closet is like having your personal online boutique.  Currently there are over 2million users selling and shopping within this online fashion community.  We are have been blessed to reach over 307,000 followers as of 2017. Our creativity, friendly, and quick response to customers have played a great influence in our status of top suggested user.

Thank you Poshmark for allowing our online closet to get noticed throughout the country.